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creditkarma-scoresIt is always important to know what your credit score is, and what has led to your score.  If you have good credit, you can get approved for lower rate loans and get credit cards with great benefits and bonuses.  Currently there are several services out there that provide your credit report and a credit score for FREE.  There is no reason not to use them to monitor your credit.  I personally sign up for several of these websites, as they all offer different services (and pull from different credit agencies to get your reports and scores).

Keep in mind that these websites do not make a hard credit pull (hard pulls can effect your credit score).  So by signing up, you are not effecting your score.

I have signed up for all of the following, because each has it’s own benefits.  Remember, signing up for these websites is free, and does not hurt your credit.

  • Credit Sesame – sources TransUnion.  Provides a credit score and monitoring alerts.  I like that each time I apply for a credit card, this website alerts me via email (usually within 24 hours).  This is nice because I will also know right away if someone else applies for credit in my name!
  • Quizzle – Sources Equifax. Provides a credit score (VantageScore®) and credit report information.  Shows how many open, closed and negative accounts you have (including real estate, credit cards, revolving accounts,  and auto loans).  You can view your payment history and contact info for all of your creditors.  You can also find a timeline that show when you opened all of your accounts.
  • – sources TransUnion and Equifax.  Provides a credit score (VantageScore®) and credit report information.  You can see how many credit inquiries you have on both TransUnion and Equfax, and see credit reports from both as well.  They include derogatory remarks, age of credit history, total accounts, payment history and credit utilization.
  • – sources Experian.  Provides a credit score.  It provides your payment history, debt usage, credit age, account mix, and credit inquiries.

Remember to keep an eye on all reports so you know if your credit is ever compromised!


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