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The Award Journey Begins…

I love to travel.  Well, I love everything about travel except for one important thing: the traveling part.  I HATE the traveling part:

  • Airport crazienessI hate scheduling, booking and paying for flights, and deciding how to use the seemingly small amount of travel awards I have earned over the past year.
  • I hate parking at the airport
  • I hate waiting in line to check in (why does it take SO long?)
  • I hate checking my bags (hoping they arrive at my destination), and paying for them whether or not they show up.
  • I hate the security lines
  • I hate the boarding process; waiting for your “zone” to be called, then cramming in line with everyone else
  • I hate the anxiety of getting on and finding overhead space for my carry-on
  • I hate sitting in a seat made for a person 5’7″ tall (I am 6’5″ with broad shoulders, and back problems)
  • I hate getting to the hotel and waiting in line forever while each person in front of you gets checked in.  (Really? Why does this take sooo long?)

Now once we are past the hated parts, it is time to finally relax.  Well, until we have to make the return trip.


Why do things have to be this bad? Wouldn’t be it nice if we could turn all all of these negative aspects of travel into something you like?  Yes, LIKE!  In just a few months, I went from paying thousands of dollars to travel in economy once or twice a year to now traveling FIRST and BUSINESS CLASS for nearly free!  I can show you how.

award-shark-credit-cardBefore I started using the strategies that I plan to outline in this blog, I was uneducated.  I am now kicking myself for not doing this 13 years ago, when my wife and I first started traveling.  I thought I was doing great. We charged everything we could on our credit card and got 2 points per dollar spent on that credit card.  Paying it off in full every month.  If we spent 20K a year on our credit card, after 2 years we would have banked 80,000 points (40K in spend X 2 points per dollar),  to just go online, find a pair of tickets for $800 ($400 each) and blow all of our points for a cheap economy ticket to Mexico or Grand Cayman Island.  THIS WAS SO STUPID!  I wasted so many years doing this over and over!

With a slight change in how I earned awards, and a bigger change in how I spent them, I literally could have earned enough miles to travel 4 times as much!  Instead of 1 economy ticket every 2 years, I could have traveled 2 times per year or FIRST CLASS once a year with no change in the amount of money spent to earn miles!

If your story sounds like mine, I encourage you to follow Award Shark.  I will show you step-by-step how to [/fusion_builder_column]do this for yourself.[/fusion_builder_row] yourself.[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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