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The basics of cheap travel Articles in this category outline the basics for beginners.

Get 5,000+ AAdvantage Miles Every Month for Opening a BankDirect Account.

I had money sitting in a savings account earning almost nothing in interest. I moved that money to BankDirect and now I earn over 7500 miles EVERY MONTH! Here is how it works (*get a bigger bonus by using our referral below): Free Miles Monthly: BankDirect Mileage Checking w/Interest Account: 100 miles PER MONTH for [...]

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What is Travel Hacking? The Basics…

Travel Hacking Strategies are strategies that earn miles at a highly accelerated rate and therefore earn free travel at a much quicker rate then normal spending would earn, or using means to find deeply discounted travel. Hacking, in general, is altering something to make it more useful to the person performing the hack. Computer hackers will hack computers [...]

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Does Applying for Credit Cards Hurt My Credit?

Many, but not all, of our tips include strategically applying for a credit card that offers a 'miles bonus'.  Many people are concerned about how this sort of thing will effect their credit.  The results may surprise you, as they did me.  The very biggest bit of knowledge you should obtain when you are applying [...]

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The Award Journey Begins…

The Award Journey Begins... I love to travel.  Well, I love everything about travel except for one important thing: the traveling part.  I HATE the traveling part: I hate scheduling, booking and paying for flights, and deciding how to use the seemingly small amount of travel awards I have earned over the past year. I [...]

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