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Only 4500 Chase Ultimate Rewards for Short Haul Flights in the U.S./Canada

Did you know you can transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards to British Airways Avios to get super cheap U.S. or Canada short-haul flights? That's correct, for as little as 4500 Ultimate Rewards points, you can hop on a British Airways flight for a trip in the U.S.A (or Canada)! Keep reading to see how this is done. [...]

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Earn a Profit (or Miles) Paying Your Taxes with a Credit Card

Yes, you can pay your taxes with a credit card.  There is a fee, but that can be more then offset, and it is even possible to earn a PROFIT paying your taxes with your credit card.  I can make about $1,000 in profit on a $5,000 tax bill. First, see that you can charge [...]

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One Way to Pay Your Mortgage With a Credit Card!

NOTE: AS OF MAY 6th, 2015 THIS POST IS NO LONGER ACCURATE.  THE TARGET REDCARD NO LONGER ACCEPTS CREDIT CARD LOADING. Why would I want to pay my mortgage with a credit card? The biggest reason is to earn award points on your award credit card for something that you would've normally paid from your [...]

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Fly Round Trip From Mainland U.S. to Hawaii for Almost Nothing!

The least expensive United round trip ticket from Denver to Maui, Hawaii from Oct 5th-12th, 2015 was $832.  But, if I have 45,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards, I can redeem them for a ticket instead!  I can pay $11.20 in taxes and fees + 45,000 miles and I am set for a trip of a lifetime! Currently, if you sign up for [...]

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$89 for 2 Round Trip Tickets to the Caribbean

NOTE: This opportunity has EXPIRED. Please see our post on Getting a Trip to Hawaii for Almost Nothing! For a very limited time, you can get a round trip ticket to Hawaii for only $89.  How?  Simple.  Right now Barclay's is offering the U.S. Air Dividend Miles credit card (EXPIRED) with a bonus of 50,000 miles after [...]

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